About us

Ecoindia Electrocmech Pvt.Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer of renewable energy products in india and offer a wide range of solar product which includes solar water heating systems (ETC & FPC), solar photovoltaic lighting, power generation systems and SPV module for residential, institutional & commercial applications, solar pump for irrigation.

Since the dawn of human civilization, man has harnessed power of the Sun for all his needs. The mighty Sun has continually dawned inspiring ideas throughout human history. Solar energy is radiated energy from the Sun in the form of heat and light. It steers the climate and weather and supports all life on Earth.

We are manufacturing of Sloar UPS Home System,Solar Street Light,Solar Water Pump,Solar Water Heating System,Wind Solar Hybrid Power System,LED Lamps & Accessories ,Software Data Base Network & Plastic Moulding Engineering


Nature is the infinite Spread Resource of energy. To sustain this energy, We must use it in a cleaner greener way. Here we at ecoindia have made our thoughts and minds clear that we will "Think Innovative" to Sustain it.
Our Vision is to promote clean green energy awareness programs, So that each individual whether at Home, Corporate and Industrial places can use it at an affordable price and contribute towards Green Revolution. So we at ecoindia take a pledge to "Think Innovative" to achieve our Goals and Mission. Our objective is to give clean energy at an affordable price to each individual, residential, farmers, commercial and Industries Infrastructures. Today we all are using highly expensive energy & we all should think of Consuming energy at a minimal expense, and use affordable clean green Non Conventional energy by means of Solar Products with Green Invertors, batteries, Small Solar Combo Wind mills (Standalone & Grid Connected) hence Consumption through LED Lamps, equipments & accessories etc.
So let's start and take Initiative for the commendable change in all of us to Save the Planet Earth


One way in which we can contribute to the nation is by approaching towards solar revolution, by contributing less to the global pollution and more to eco-friendly solutions.
What if you are the owner of your energy and you don't have to pay for it to state electricity boards? Imagine what you can do with the savings you made on energy bills?
Let's take an initiative to get rid of prolonged power cuts by generating your own electricity in a greener way.